Friday, June 22, 2018


Psalm 94:18-19

No sooner did I say, “My foot is slipping,”
your kindness, O Lord, held me up.
The more worries and trouble assailed me,
the more you consoled me.

---- Mine,

I have been with you from the moment you were conceived. I have wrapped my arms around you. I have ensured that there were always people who lavished you with love so you would never feel its lack. I knew from all eternity your nature for it is a nature that God given you - your great capacity to love, to be generous, to forgive readily, to believe in the good and so many more. 

I have held you close to My Heart when yours was broken. When you grieved the loss of those you loved dearly. When people hurt you. When you were let down by those you put your trust in. I have always been with you to steady you, to hold you up, to pick you up when you fell, to wipe away your tears, to heal your brokenness, to pour grace upon grace on you, to strengthen you to fight the wiles of the enemy. Be not afraid my own little nothing, it pleases the Father, it pleases Me, and the Holy Spirit, to continue to lavish love on you and We watch over those you love as tenderly as We watch over you. Be not afraid,

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Psalm 89:25

My faithfulness and love will be with him,
and by my help he will be strong.

---- Mine,

You know by now don't you that when you are weakest you are strong for it is then that you rely completely on Me; having acknowledged you have no resources of your own. I who created you and formed you in your other's womb have loved you into existence. You are Mine and have been Mine in time and in eternity. 

Always bear in mind this truth, that I AM God. In Me and with Me you are, and always will be, able to do all things through the power of My Spirit who dwells in you. Be faithful as I am faithful. Walk in My footsteps. Remain in My Shadow. I am your refuge hide in Me. I am the Rock and I have crushed the Enemy. Be not afraid for I the Lord your God have claimed you for Myself. Walk in the light of Truth and Love always with your gaze fixed on Me and you will be safe until I bring you home to Myself.