Friday, January 20, 2017


Sirach 24:19-22

Come to me, you who desire me 
and take your fill of my fruits. 
To experience me is sweeter than honey
and to possess me sweeter than any honeycomb. 
Those who eat me will hunger still;
those who drink me will thirst for more.
Those who obey me will not be put to shame; 
those who serve me will not fall into sin.

---- Mine, read My words, they are My promises to you. Savor them. Believe them and do not be tempted to believe yourself alone or abandoned. Morning after morning I renew My promises to you assuring you that those who are Mine need never fear for there is no fear in love. The love of God which is poured upon you and yours will fill you; it will satisfy you.  I will be your shelter from the heat of the noonday sun, I will be your food and drink, I will sustain you and strengthen you. You walk with God and angels are appointed to minister to you. My right hand holds you firm and My mighty protection is over you and all whom you love. Be not afraid you are Mine.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Malachi 1:2

The Lord says, "I love you."

---- Mine, once more I declare My love for you as I have done so often in the past. I love you with an everlasting love, I have claimed you for Myself, I have laid down My life in order to save you and I have made an eternal covenant of love with you. I renew My pledge to ensure that you always walk in the shadow of My love so no harm can come to you. I will remain with you and at last I shall come to you to take You to Myself and to the place that My Father has prepared for you eternally. Remain in My love.