Thursday, December 31, 2015


---- My Own, 
As this year comes to a close I ask you, 
is there anything too difficult for Me? 
Is there anything you have asked for and have not received? 
Sought and not found? 
Knocked and the door remained closed? 
Did you not experience my loving compassion, tenderness, 
mercy and forgiveness? 
Truly I say to you that I have given you all 
you have asked for through the year and more. 
I love you and will continue to hold you 
lose to My Sacred Heart all the days of your life.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


 ---- Mine, 

All that you see and admire in nature is unique, unrepeatable and one of a kind. Each has their own characteristic and features even if they seem to be the same. Every sunrise and sunset. Every cloud in the sky the shape of each leaf, the stars in the heavens every tree and plant every animal and bird and every fish in the sea is unique and remarkable. How much more so is man who was conceived in the heart and mind of God before he or she was conceived in their mother’s womb. 

You are created, redeemed and sanctified by the triune God. You are loved greatly by the One who fashioned you and gave you qualities uniquely your own to love Me, adore Me and Worship Me no one can love Me quite like you and I love no one in quite the way that My Father, the Holy Spirit, and I love you. Revel in our love and love us in return. Let your love for Me show itself in action just as I witnessed to the Father’s love for you by My incarnation, life, passion, death on the Cross and My resurrection and ascension.  You have a lasting hope because you are loved with an everlasting love.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


---- Mine, 
Come to Me. 
Enter My silence and find rest for your soul. 
I invite you to make your home in Me.
 Let my love flood your soul and as I lay my yoke on you, 
you will find that My yoke is sweet 
and My burden of love is light. 
Find in Me a perfect Friend, Brother, and Love..  
 Espoused to Me you are utterly and completely Mine.

Monday, December 28, 2015


---- Mine, 
Give me everything that goes to make you who you are. 
Give me your thoughts, your words, your actions, your will. 
Give me the things that are hidden, your weaknesses, your worries, your hopes and dreams. 
Give me your aspirations, your work, your recreation. 
Give me the things that you are ashamed of 
and prefer to hide; those areas so deep they are forgotten. 
I will transform you. I will fill you with 
My life, My light and My love. 
Give it all to Me and in return 
I will give you all of Me.Open your entire being to Me 
and be filled with My Holy Spirit

Friday, December 25, 2015


---- My Own, 
Take a moment to contemplate humility and obedience. 
Nothins moves the heart of God - 
the Father, Son and Holy Spirit so completely 
than the exercise of these two virtues. 
Obedient to My Father’s will, 
embracing it in love and carrying it out in humility 
despite the cost,
 He has established My rule as Lord of Lords 
and King of Kings. 
So my precious child, keep this truth ever before you.
When you seek to know My will 
and when you act on it with the humility and simplicit
 of a child 
there is nothing the Triune God
will deny you.