Thursday, February 22, 2018


Song of Songs       4:12

You are a garden enclosed,
my sister, my bride;
a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.

---- Mine,

Once again my own little nothing, I wish to remind you who you are  and how greatly you matter to Me. Do not be troubled, or anxious about anything but in all things bring your prayers and petitions before Me and I the Lord your God will answer you. Have I not assured you that I am your shelter and your refuge? I am your shade in the noon day sun and your lamp that illumines your feet at night. You are My sister, My bride, My own, I have claimed you for myself. You are all Mine in time and in eternity. Be still my poor little creature  and allow Me, the God of love, to live move and act in you. Fear nothing lift up your head and walk with confidence for you are a child of the Most High and co-heir with Me to the Kingdom - You are Mine.

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