Friday, May 19, 2017


Psalm 18:36-37

You give me your shield for protection,
your right hand upholds me,
and your help makes me great.
You enlarge the space before me,

my step will not falter.

---- My Own, I give you My shield for protection, My right hand upholds you and My help makes you great. I enlarge the space before you so your foot will not falter and stumble nor will you fall. For I hold you safe. My grace surrounds you as an impenetrable shield and protects you from the snares, the traps that evil sets out for you. I lift you up. I give you a seat of honor among those that belong to Me. Think for a moment, contemplate all that I say to you this day.  I am your Protector who never sleeps but keeps watch over you night an day. I do not grow weary, I do not sleep. Come to Me when you are weary and the world gets too much for you and find in Me your rest. Be strengthened by Me. Be refreshed by Me and you will once again be able to put out into the deep to help with the great catch that I am about to haul in.