Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Song of Songs 6:6-7

Set me as a seal on your heart,
set me as a seal on your arm.
For love is strong as death;
its jealousy lasting as the power of death,
it burns like a blazing fire,
it blazes like a mighty flame.
No flood can extinguish love
nor river submerge it.
If a man were to buy love
with all the wealth of his house, 

contempt is all he would purchase.

---- Mine, see My hand is stretched out to you, come take it, let Me love you for I desire to have you so closely pressed against me that you impress yourself as a seal on my heart. I want you to make it your refuge. Press against My arm and mark it with your own mark of possession. I want you to love Me so fiercely, so completely, so powerfully, with all the strength that your soul possesses that I may for a while forget how many reject Me, are indifferent to My invitation, deliberately make themselves blind to all the signs of my love, choose to be deaf to My invitation to be Mine so I can heal all division, rid the world of sorrow and pain and wipe the tears of every eye.

I do not purchase your love; to do so would be no love at all but I have wooed You by laying  down My life for you and pouring out  My love as an oblation. Love Me, ---- Mine, and console Me with your love which though as weak as a smoldering wick, or as a broken reed still consoles Me for you desire to give it poor as it is; in exchange I will love you with a love lifts that you up and carries you into the very bosom of the God of love where you will find your resting place in time and eternally.

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